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Tissage/ Weave-on / Sew in Hair


3000 Kč + Material, which you can choose or bring



This hairstyle is very favourite among women of color with natural hair. You can quickly get new image and style.

We recommend it more for natural (african) hair, but we are able to work with all hair textures.

- Time of making this hairstyle: 3-4 hours



Material is paid separately. You can bring your own or choose some straight in our saloon.

You can check all materials we offer for this hairstyle on this website.

The range of hair bulk color is not huge, we recommend you to make appointment in advance in order to buy some special shades or lenghts of your wish.

It is possible to sew in both, human or synthetic hair bulks.

Recommended time of wearing this hairstyle is 1 month.



Našivání vlasů


tissage brno

Našívání vlasů - Brno

nasivani vlasu - weave on closure