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Razorless Cream Shave Bald Head

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Cream shave for smooth hair maitenance with a light fresh scent. Provides a closer shave than a razor.

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VOLUME 170g, 6oz

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Magic Razorless Cream Shave Bald Head is formulated to help stop razor bumps and to give a closer shave than a razor and maintain bald head styles. With a light fresh scent. Works in 4 minutes and lasts 4 days.

Sensitivity test: Before using Magic Cream Shave for the first time, perform the sensitivity test. Ensure you wait at least 36 hours after using a razor or depilatory product before doing this test. Apply cream to a quarter size area of the hair. Wait 4 minutes. Remove. Do not scrape. Rinse area thoroughly. After 24 hours, if there is no sign of irritation or redness, continue with the rest of the hair.

A perfect Magic trick takes practice! The more you use Magic Shave the better it works. New users may need to leave the product on 1-2 minutes longer for optimal results


1. If hair is longer than 1/8 inch, cut hair shorter before using. Apply petroleum jelly to ears and back of  neck. Apply a thick layer of cream, one side of the face after the other, to completely cover the head/scalp.

2. Set timer for 4 minutes. If cream dries, remoisten by patting with wet fingertips. After 4 minutes, test a small area. If hair does not wipe off easily, leave on a few minutes longer. DO NOT EXCEED 7 MINUTES.

3. Gently remove with a damp wash cloth, starting with the side of the head you applied the cream first. Rinse head thoroughly, paying close attention to the neck and ears. Do not wash with soap. If any beard remains,  wait 24 hours before your next Magic Bald head application.